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Video & Photo Production

Your brand image is as important as it has ever been. You have invested countless hours of time, energy and equity into developing a hospitality concept that is meant to tell a story and provide each and every guest with a memorable experience. Our job is to help you portray that experience with video and photo content that will make an impact and drive your guests to be just as passionate about your concept as you are.

Simply put, we produce cutting-edge media content of the highest quality that is curated with each property's unique characteristics and personality in mind. At MDRN, media production and design is in our DNA; we don't outsource your needs to a third-party photographer or videographer. Our entire team works to understand your marketing strategy from a management and ownership perspective, and then we work together to implement upon it.

  • Property Overview & Feature Videos. This is the lifeblood of your media content. These videos are normally featured on your website and playing in the lobby or on every guest room TV, posted to YouTube, and linked to the Facebook and Instagram main pages
  • Short Feature & Special Event Videos. Focused on particular aspects or amenities of your property (Spa, Dining & Entertainment, Beach Club) as well as special events and popular tourist activities or destination highlights 
  • Still Images. Variety of packages offered depending on desired social post frequency and requirements
  • Time-lapse & Hyper-lapse. Captures image frames over a period of time and displays them in a more compact and viewer-appealing time frame. For example, sunrise, sunset, event set-up, large check-ins, group events, etc.




Over 97% of millennials share photos and videos of their travels online

Social Media Management

Social media has fundamentally innovated the travel and hospitality industry and the way in which guests and consumers choose who to bring their business to. Over 97% of millennials share photos and videos of their travels online, and when booking travel plans, 89% of millennials plan their activities and itinerary based on content posted by their peers. 

It's safe to say that guests are paying attention to social media content and it is influencing the consumers decision-making in a significant way. Your social media presence and strategy should be designed and maintained in a consistent and relevant manner to optimize your social impressions and awareness. Our team will work with you to develop and implement the most appropriate and effective social media strategy.  

  • Content curation and posting on social media accounts
  • Strategic design and consistent/uniform aesthetic of pages
  • Grow your following and outreach 
  • Guest engagement and real-time interaction
  • Social advertising and targeted campaigns
  • Reputation monitoring and management

Creative Marketing Solutions

Sometimes we're faced with an obstacle or challenge and we just need a fresh outside perspective or innovative approach. Our team excels in developing a custom-tailored "outside of the box" action plan to fit your strategy depending on factors such as target demographics, geographic location and destination highlights. 

  • Interactive engagement with guests already on the property or at a nearby destination  
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements
  • Microtargeted marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing content and collateral 

Brand Partnerships & Influencer Relations

Brands, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and destinations alike spend significant resources trying to position themselves to advertise to the Millennial demographic, and often miss part of the picture leaving critical revenue opportunities on the table. 

Our team maintains coveted relationships with a multitude of product and service brands, having produced content and advertising campaigns for lifestyle brands focused in the luxury travel, entertainment, health and beauty, fitness and apparel sectors. 

We also provide access to our portfolio of social media influencers, who in turn add established credibility to your brand, product, property or experience. Our influencers engage with large followings and strongly affect their peers' travel and purchasing decisions, which is a low-risk and low-cost yet high-return investment for you.

Companies must develop distribution strategies and tactics that align with Millennial’s habits and preferences
— The Boston Consulting Group
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Web Design & Development

Having a website that is not only visually appealing but also functional and easy for potential guests to use, can make all the difference in converting incremental direct bookings, which we all know can make a huge impact on your bottom-line NOI. 

So much of your team's efforts go into improving your online visibility and driving traffic to your website. It's essential to make sure you understand how your potential guests are engaging with your site, and to have a proper booking engine aligned. 

  • Website design and development 
  • Revamp or optimization of website layout
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Booking Engine and Reservation System development and integration
  • Mobile optimization 

Social Media Data Analytics

Data is an immensely powerful tool, but it doesn't serve much benefit if you don't know how to interpret it and use it to drive operating performance and effect change throughout your organization. 

Our team will help you first understand the various software and analytical tools available in the market, and which will be most useful for your team. We will then work with your team to track key performance indicators and interpret the results in order to recommend the appropriate modifications to your marketing strategy. 

  • Analysis and reporting of social impressions and outreach
  • Tracking and analysis of website, search and social platform traffic
  • Analysis of hotel distribution channels and trends at your property
  • Financial analysis of your marketing campaigns and overall strategy
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